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Cosmetic dentures in Perth

Get Cosmetic Dentures in Perth

When you need high-quality denture services at affordable prices, turn to The Denture Centre. We offer excellent dentures and superior customer service, and we’re ready to help. Come to us for cosmetic dentures in Perth.

Choose The Denture Centre

The Denture Centre offers both partial and full dentures to put your smile back together. Not only is our work far above average but we also go above and beyond for our clients. We’re available seven days a week for repairs, and we make sure that each customer gets treated with respect every time he or she contacts us. We want our patients to feel like welcome guests when they come by our clinic.

We’ve been around since 1985, so we have the experience you need. Trust us to make dentures that are comfortable and effective for you and to help you maintain them throughout the years.

Try Our Services

Keep reading to learn more about our services. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us on 08 9227 7321 today. We look forward to your call and hope to see you in our clinic soon. You can also fill out our contact form to get in touch.

New dentures

From the initial consultation to accurate measuring, design, creation and fitting, The Denture Centre specialises in providing custom-made, new dentures, either complete or partial. We can restore the smile you've lost or we can work together to build a new one and create the smile you have always wanted. Our dentures are made from the finest, high quality materials and are created with clinical precision to ensure nothing less than a perfect fit.

Denture repairs

If you need urgent denture repairs, The Denture Centre is ready to help! We know how important your dentures are, not just for matters of confidence and appearance, but also for such vital functions as communication and chewing food. We are absolutely committed to carrying out repair work in the fastest possible turnaround smiles to ensure your smile is not out of action for long. In an emergency, The Denture Centre is the place to call.

Denture relines

It’s very important to have your dentures checked regularly by an experienced prosthetist as gums and tissues can and do change all the time. At the Denture Centre, we are able to spot potential problems early and before they develop into more serious issues. We offer same-day denture relines to make sure your dentures fit perfectly and remain so comfortable you'll forget you’re even wearing dentures.


The Denture Centre can build custom mouthguards for protection and safety in sports such as cricket, rugby, football and boxing. Our mouthguards are made to measure to fit your mouth and teeth perfectly and offer maximum comfort, support and safety, helping to protect against broken teeth and fractured or dislocated jaws. As with our dentures, we make our mouthguards from only the highest quality materials for a superior product and superior comfort.

To find out more about our denture repairs, relines and other services, call The Denture Centre on 08 9227 7321

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